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Keith G Bleil

Job Categories
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Job Categories


Photos of some of my work are under each category that I remembered to take pictures and had a working camera.

        Licensed Registered Master Plumber. My primary business is repairing, replacing, and installing Plumbing Piping, Plumbing Fixtures, Heating, Radiant Heating, Steam Heating, Boilers, Domestic Hot Water Heaters, Drain Cleaning, Video Drain Inspection, Drain Excavation, Water Service Excavation, and Backflow Preventer Installation and Testing.
Turnovers & Make-Readies
        Do you have a vacant apartment now or will one come vacant in the near future? Do you have a Lead Safe Certified Contractor to make all the repairs? We can provide everything you need to make that apartment or rental property ready for occupancy. We have flat rate pricing for specific task in the turnover process or we can work on a time and material basis.
See the Property Management Flyer
Home Repair & Maintenance
        Restoration jobs, roof repairs, heater repair, masonry repair, plaster repair, interior & exterior painting, drywall repair, appliance repair, automotive repair, computer repair & upgrade, lawn and garden, ...If it's in, on, around, or a part of your home it will need Maintenance and/or Repairs.

Replacement Garbage Disposal $ installed

12" White Toilet $ Installed

Carbon Monoxide Detector $ Installed

Fluidmaster 400A Ballcock $ Installed

Home Remodeling
Finished Basements (my specialty), Kitchens, Bathrooms, Enclosures, Conversions (such as a single family to a duplex).
        These before, during, and after photos are of a basement I finished out in West Chester several years ago. All three photos are from the same angle looking at the water heater. The camera was broken but you can get an idea of my work from looking at them.

97705_08.jpg (122299 bytes) 02827_19.jpg (130608 bytes)

Restoration & Rehabilitation
        I think of restoration and rehab as almost the same thing. Really the only differences would be with historical. Fire, Storm, Flood, Vandalism, and Historical Restoration are some of the types of work I have done.
New Construction
        I have a fair amount of experience in building new homes. I'm still debating what to put on these pages and don't intend to start building new homes myself in the near future, but I do have photos of some homes I helped build you can look at to get an idea of the type of work I perform.
        I can inspect any property and make a written estimate of needed repairs. This is NOT a "Home Inspection" and I do charge a for the estimate. If you are thinking of purchasing a home for the purpose of fixing it up and reselling it it is a good idea to know how much it will cost to fix it up.
Certified Backflow Prevention Device Technician
        Certified installation and testing of backflow devices.
EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician
        I can
inspect and test for lead safe clearance after a renovation project or I can inspect and certify a rental property for the new Philadelphia Lead Paint Disclosure & Certification Law.

Home Repair & Maintenance Books

For many new homeowners, the euphoria that comes with buying the perfect new house can soon turn into total panic. First-time buyers often feel overwhelmed by the amount of maintenance their new home requires—not to mention the nasty problems and surprises that seem to be lurking around every corner (and in every wall). Finally, author and real estate guru Sid Davis provides the antidote for the common worries that plague every new owner. From easy repairs to seemingly insurmountable projects, readers will discover sanity-saving advice on:   *improving roofing, siding, walkways, and driveways   *fixing or replacing appliances and fixtures   *refinancing tips and traps   *reducing the costs of home ownership and maintenance   *lowering property taxes

This book is carefully tailored for the needs of homeowners new to the art of home repair and maintenance. Each section includes an overview of the topic; including information on common tools and materials, overall house systems, and how to evaluate different situations. Then specific projects start with a list of common terms and a photographed list of the tools and materials needed for the project at hand. Detailed, step-by-step photo instructions follow.   Homeowners who are ready to remodel, just moving in, or ready to tackle their first DIY repair will find Black & Decker® The Complete Photo Guide to Homeowner Basics indispensable. Filled with easy-to-follow projects for all of the most common repairs and installations homeowners confront, this is the essential guide for readers with little to no do-it-yourself experience.

A hands-on, step-by-step guide to properly maintaining your home.   Your home requires regular maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. The expert advice in this second edition of Home Maintenance For Dummies can help you save literally thousands of dollars each year by showing you how to perform home maintenance yourself!   This new edition provides the latest tips on how to tune up your home and make repairs to every room of the house, from basement to attic. By combining step-by-step instructions and expert information, this practical guide gives you the skills to tackle everything from furnace tune-ups to leaky roofs. You'll also learn how to conduct routine inspections, keep major appliances running efficiently, and increase energy efficiency.

Why is my faucet leaking, my toilet running, or my dishwasher refusing to start? Can I fix it myself? What's causing the heating system to smell bad or the foundation to crack? Do I need an air filtration system? Is the new "engineered lumber" as good as conventional wood? These are just a few examples of questions homeowners face when repairs are needed, or when a new house or addition is being planned.    There's no question that it pays to be an informed consumer. Knowledge of your home's systems helps you control repair and construction costs and make sure the correct elements are being installed or replaced.    This book uncovers the mysteries behind just about every major appliance and building element in your house. Clear, "exploded" drawings show you exactly how these things should be put together and how they function - what to check if they don't work, and what you can do that might save you having to call in a professional.    The easy-to-understand pictures and explanations on every page get right to the point, helping you understand how things work, what can go wrong, and how to trouble-shoot a problem.    The most complete home improvement manual on the market, this book comprises over 2,300 photos, 800 drawings, and an understandable, practical text that covers your home top to bottom, inside and out in 608 pages. Readers will find plumbing and electrical repairs; information on heating and cooling, roofing and siding, and cabinets and countertops; and more. There is information about tools, materials, and basic skills, and 325 step-by-step projects with how-to photo sequences. The Ultimate Guide to Home Repair & Improvement also includes a Remodeling Guide and a Resource Guide. Top to bottom, inside and out, this is the single, ultimate resource book for home projects and repairs.
The two previous editions of the book known by home improvement retailers as "Big Red" sold nearly 600,000 copies. This new edition features a larger portrait format for better visual clarity, and incorporates a new page layout style. But all the features that made the original America's best-selling "bible" of home repair are still present here - thousands of color photographs and detailed step-by-step directions. •The largest home improvement manual on the market, includes 600 pages, 500 projects, and more than 3,000 full-color illustrations for home repairs and improvements.   •Organized in four large sections of subject matter to make the information easy to find, including: Inside Your Home, Outside Your Home, Your Home's Systems, and Basics You Should Know.   •This book is designed so readers can scan each page and quickly understand the scope of each project.   •Color bars located on the outer edge of each page designate each section to make it easy for readers to see where they are in the book.   •You'll Need boxes list the skills, time, and tools required to complete each project shown in the book.   •Material Matters features educate the reader about the pros and cons of different types of materials to use for the job.   •Helpful Hints features highlight the how-to wisdom of the Better Homes and Gardens® team of experts. Here is the most comprehensive how-to reference from the most trusted name in DIY, Popular Mechanics. Everything that concerns a house or apartment owner is included, with information on planning ahead; decorating; repairs and improvements; security; infestation, rot, and damp; electricity; plumbing; heating; outdoor care; and tools and skills. And it’s easy to find the solution to any particular problem, without having to go from page to page of continuous text: the straightforward design breaks down the subjects into clearly defined, color-coded chapters. So whether you’re looking for advice on applying finishes, adding decorative paint effects, constructing walls, fixing the roof, or installing a burglar alarm, the instructions are here.   Free magazine subscription with purchase of this book! Just redeem the subscription card included in the book. The indispensable reference guide for every homeowner, guaranteed to help you maintain and improve your home while saving time and money. Covering everything from replacing faulty faucets and showerheads to curing the quirks of an air conditioner, this book provides step-by-step illustrated instructions, plus a comprehensive chapter on tools. Includes more than 3,000 instructional photographs, illustrations, charts, and diagrams. Let New Fix-It-Yourself Manual guide you through:   *Fixing a broken dryer by testing the thermostat, thermal fuse, heating coils, etc.   *Troubleshooting electric and gas range problems and fixing them   *Reupholstering and reweaving chair seats   *Stocking up on the proper tools and supplies for fixing electronics   *Installing, testing, and repairing speakers, including maintaining proper polarity   *Repairing broken handbags and suitcases properly and professionally   *Fixing small engines in yard and workshop tools   *Restoring broken air conditioners, heaters, and dehumidifiers   *Safely disassembling, testing, and repairing a chain saw Does the thought of slogging through a dense “do-it-yourself” manual make you cringe? Let Knack Home Repair & Maintenance come to the rescue. Visually organized for quick reference and ease of understanding, this new type of instructional book lets you know at a glance what’s wrong and what to do about it. Step-by-step instructions and over 450 color photos and illustrations give you all the information and detail you need to deal with and prevent hundreds of the most common household problems.

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