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New Boilers

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Peerless Boilers


 Series MI

  • Packaged Residential Hot Water Boilers
  • Natural or LP Gas
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • Standing Pilot or Intermittent Ignition
  • 70-260 mbh in - 80% efficiency

Labor & Materials
Standing Pilot

100,000 BTU   Intermittent Ignition
125,000 BTU   Intermittent Ignition

The improved Series MI residential, cast iron, hot water boiler is fully packaged and ready to install. This atmospheric, gas-fired boiler is designed for natural draft use with a conventional chimney. The Series MI boiler is available with either standing pilot or intermittent ignition, and can fire either natural or LP gas. The integral draft diverter provides a low-profile design, allowing the boiler to be installed in areas with low clearance. Standard Honeywell controls are easily accessible, making the Series MI boiler simple to install and service. Standard equipment includes a Taco circulator, a flame rollout safety shutoff switch and a vent safety shutoff switch.


 Series MIH

  • Packaged Residential Hot Water Boilers
  • Natural Gas
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • Intermittent Ignition
  • 70-260 mbh in - 82% efficiency

The Series MIH is a packaged, residential, hot water boiler. It is designed specifically for markets where utility companies offer rebates for mid-efficiency heating products.                                         This boiler exceeds the federal standard for residential boiler efficiency. The integral draft diverter on the Series MIH provides a low-profile design, allowing the boiler to be installed in areas with low clearance. Intermittent ignition is provided by the Honeywell SmartValve® System which houses the safety and ignition functions in one device. Only when there is a need for heat does the ignition light the pilot, keeping costs low and eliminating the need for extra wiring and separate controls. A deluxe, insulated, enameled steel jacket reduces boiler heat loss and completely encloses the gas valve and burners for efficient heating and safety.



 Series DE

  • Packaged Residential Hot Water Boilers
  • Natural or LP Gas
  • Venting Options – Direct Exhaust or Chimney Venting
  • Intermittent Ignition
  • 70-165 mbh in - 82% efficiency

The Series DE boiler is a residential, gas-fired, cast iron boiler for hot water heating systems. Fully packaged and ready to install, the Series DE boiler is designed for use with a conventional chimney or direct exhaust (through-the-wall) venting. The direct exhaust option is ideal for applications where a chimney is inadequate or unavailable. Available with standard intermittent ignition, the Series DE boiler can fire either natural or LP gas. Also standard on the Series DE boiler are Honeywell operating controls and a Taco circulator. The Series DE boiler is available in 4 sizes (3 - 6 sections), with inputs from 70.0 to 165.0 MBH. Cast iron sections are factory tested and assembled with steel push nipples.



Series PDE

  • Packaged Residential Hot Water Boiler
  • Natural or LP Gas
  • Direct Exhaust
  • Hot Surface Ignition
  • AL29-4C® Stainless Steel Venting
  • 65-130 mbh in - 85% efficiency

This boiler has an AFUE of 85%, significantly exceeding the federal standards for residential boiler efficiency, thus qualifying it for many energy rebates.                      high efficiency replacement for electric baseboard or heat pump applications;                                       high efficiency new home construction for combination heating and domestic hot water.                                         Uniquely designed panel provides control of circulator and induced draft fan along with status indicator of boiler operation.                                            External bypass valve eliminates potential problems of condensation inside the boiler sections.




Series WBV/WV

  • Packaged or Knockdown Oil Boilers
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • Flame Retention Burners
  • Steam or Hot Water Boilers
  • Optional Tankless Coils
  • Rear or Top Flue Convertibility

serieswbv-p.jpg (10828 bytes)

The Series WBV/WV residential, oil-fired boilers are available for use with both hot water and steam systems and designed for natural draft (chimney) venting.


Series EC/ECT

  • Residential Oil Boilers
    -- Packaged or Knockdown
  • Natural Draft Venting
  • Flame Retention Burners
  • Steam or Hot Water Boilers
  • Optional Tankless Coils

seriesect-p.jpg (8307 bytes)

AFUE ranges from 82.9% to 86.6%, significantly exceeding the federal energy standards for residential boiler efficiency.



New Hot Air Furnace

Replace heat only furnace

    Connect to existing ductwork

    Check heat registers and cold air return vents

Heating Books

Solar Domestic Water Heating is a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of solar domestic water heating systems. As fossil fuel prices continue to rise and awareness of climate change grows, interest in domestic solar water heating is expanding.

Low Pressure Boilers, the industry leader among boiler operation textbooks, includes new coverage of personal protective equipment, burner control systems, steam principles, and emission analysis and control. An updated "Cooling Systems" chapter covers refrigeration principles and equipment, chilled water systems, and refrigerant recovery procedures. Boiler systems and related equipment are depicted in full-color illustrations complemented by concise text. This textbook is recommended by many licensing agencies for use as a study aid in preparing for licensing examinations. Low Pressure Boilers is a must for operators of boiler systems used in hotels, apartment buildings, schools, and other large institutions.

From simple applications to multi-load / multi-temperature systems, learn how to use the newest and most appropriate hydronic heating methods and hardware to create system the deliver the ultimate in heating comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency. Heavily illustrated with product and installation photos, and hundreds of detailed full-color schematics, MODERN HYDRONIC HEATING, 3rd EDITION is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive reference on hydronic heating for the present and future. It transforms engineering-level design information into practical tools that can be used by technical students and heating professional alike. This revised edition features the latest design and installation techniques for residential and light commercial hydronic systems including use of renewable energy heat sources, hydraulic separation, smart circulators, distribution efficiency, thermal accumulators, mixing methods, heat metering, and web-enabled control methods. Everyone involved in the heating trade will benefit from this preeminent resource of the North American heating industry. It is well-suited for use in a formal education course, self-study, or as an on the job reference.

Wood Pellet Heating Systems is a comprehensive handbook covering all aspects of wood pellet heating technology. The use of wood pellets as an alternative heating fuel is already well established in several countries and is becoming widespread as fossil fuel prices continue to rise and awareness of climate change grows. Wood pellets are a carbon-neutral technology, convenient to use, and can easily be integrated into existing central heating systems or used in independent space heaters. This fully-illustrated and easy-to-follow guide shows how wood-pellet heating works, the different types of systems - from small living room stove systems to larger central heating systems for institutions - how they are installed, and even how wood pellets are manufactured. Featuring examples from around the world, it has been written for heating engineers and plumbers who are interested in installing systems, home owners and building managers who are considering purchasing a system, advanced DIYers, building engineers and architects, but will be of interest to anyone who requires a clear guide to wood pellet technology.

*Complete Troubleshooting & Repairing guide to hot air furnaces    *Complete operation, maintenance, and repair    *Covers gas, oil, and electric forced air systems    *Includes flowcharts and highlighted tips and solutions to common furnace problems
This definitive guide covers commercial and residential geothermal heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technologies and explains how to take advantage of their money- and energy-saving features. Geothermal HVAC: Green Heating and Cooling reviews the array of choices currently available, offers market values for systems based on varying options and conditions, and describes how to pair the best systems for each application and budget. Whether you're a contractor or a consumer, you'll find out what you need to know to implement a geothermal HVAC system in a retrofit or new construction project, and start benefiting from this sustainable, affordable technology. An intelligent readers guide to selecting, installing and managing a heating system. The book explains how the component parts of the system work and adopts a practical approach including the practicalities of installing a working heating system. The book is well illustrated and has some thoughtful fault diagnosis and trouble-shooting tables to help avoid much inconvenience and possibly save a fortune on plumbers. Time Life's most popular how-to guides for the home owner are now completely updated for the '90s with up-to-the minute codes, tools, tips, and techniques. Highly illustrated with step-by-step instructions. Your heating and air conditioning unit is the single most expensive system in your home. This book will simplify the different heating and air conditioning systems. It provides elementary text on the relationships and operation of every component of indoor comfort equipment. The subject will be thorough yet, written using, non-technical language which anyone will understand, regardless of their technical aptitude. Anyone will be able to diagnose and correct some problems with their Heating and Air conditioning systems. You will find troubleshooting procedures, maintenance tips and details, which will extend the life and energy efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. It includes all technical terms with illustrations and definitions of heating and cooling systems from oil furnaces to heat pumps. The book also includes a section on domestic refrigerator repairs and information on controlling Radon Gases in your home.  
Wood burning stoves and fireplaces today offer more than they did at one time. Today we do not have to worry about smoke, soot, or other soil that builds up in our homes. We do not need chimneys or pokers nowadays with some wood burning stoves. Fireplaces today operate on electric, or other operational utilities. You can install the portables in any small, home, and still have sufficient space. The fireplaces are designed to save energy, since you use less gas heat when operating the fireplaces in the home. Wood burning stoves do the same. Everything you need to know about wood burning stoves and fireplaces is included in this special ebook: Wood burning stoves and fireplaces today offer more than they did at one time. Today we do not have to worry about smoke, soot, or other soil that builds up in our homes. We do not need chimneys or pokers nowadays with some wood burning stoves. Fireplaces today operate on electric, or other operational utilities. Learn about environmentally safe wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Find out more guides and steps to set up your own wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Better Homes & Gardens Fireplace Design & Decorating Ideas    *This must-read planning tool covers fireplace building, layout, materials, accessories, and decorating. The revised edition provides updates on fireplace options that have come onto the market since the first edition was published.  

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