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Keith G Bleil

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This is some of the exterior work I have done on my house. I did the windows and dormers about ten years ago so they were okay for the most part.

Painting Books

*Complete information on how to choose the right color and the best paint products for any surface, inside or outside the home.    *Beyond outside walls, instruction on how to paint trim, fences, gates, porches, and decks.   *Bonus information for the overwhelmed: how to select and hire a contractor to do some—or all!—of the job.   *Surface-by-surface instructions for painting aluminum, steel, galvanized steel, fiberglass, plastics, and even pools, plus a chapter on clear and specialty finishes.

Building on the popularity of Home Improvement for Dummies, this comprehensive resource introduces readers to a wide variety of techniques for transforming the look of any surface -- indoors or out.   *A complete primer on paints, finishes, other coating, and wallpaper.   *Full descriptions of the tools and equipment needed and what they do.   *How to prep all surfaces -- including concrete, wrought iron, wood, and drywall.   *Step-by-step instructions for creating decorative finishes -- antiquing, colorwashing, glazing, and many more.   *Special Advice for working with doors, windows, cabinets, and other build-ins.   *Guidelines for calculating project time and costs.

Full color how-to photography demonstrates some of the most popular interior painting designs today. From start to finish, this book gives the reader information on everything from choosing paint and tools to cleaning up when the project is done. In between, there are 18 different techniques for painting interior rooms and furniture, including sponge painting, mosaics and faux designs.

Create a new backdrop, for any room in your home, with the help of this showcase of wall-covering ideas. Learn how to mix and match moldings and borders with paint, wallpaper, fabric, and paneling. Step-by-step instructions and photos show you how.

The most comprehensive and up-to-date compilation of decorative painting information to hit the market.    Illustrated step-by-step format will inspire, motivate, and guide readers confidently through a variety of painting projects.   Detailed instructions show how-to techniques for decorative painting on walls, floors, and furnishings.   Filled with exciting new effects, techniques, and materials that will help readers turn an ordinary room into something extraordinary. In Decorative Painting Techniques for Walls, Floors, Ceilings and Furniture you'll discover stylish home décor solutions for walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture. Hiring a professional interior designer or painter costs a fortune, and you're often left with a cold and calculated look predetermined by what is "popular" in other people's homes. Instead of paying big bucks for what other people want, trust your own instincts and do it yourself. Not only will you save money but you'll have fun painting and enjoy the satisfaction of doing it yourself. The irrepressible Sunny Goode explores how decorative painting can work for children’s rooms—with happy results that will delight any kid. She’s created imaginative, fun rooms for little babies, for playing and growing in (ages 4?8), and for thinking and dreaming (designed for 9?12 year-olds). These are bright, safe, and personal spaces of color and lightness. Goode shows how to embellish a nursery with marching elephants or cheerful dots, wrap a girl’s room in bands of vivid color, and create a ?creature feature” pattern with blue alligators. An introduction discusses paint basics, and illustrated ?You Can Do It!” sections interspersed throughout present important techniques. The titles in this practical series are superbly suited to help readers become familiar with the most essential techniques of drawing, painting and design. They are tailor-made for a quick and practical introduction. In each book, numerous examples will inspire readers to explore their own potential for creative expression. Tools, materials and other aids are thoroughly explained. The step-by-step approach clarifies the phases of each technique and gives helpful suggestions for further development of the learned methods. In addition, insightful analysis of great works of art divulges the tricks and secrets of the masters.

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