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Keith G Bleil

Work Photos
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Work Photos

Here are the links to all the pages I have setup with photos so far.

Please remember I am a carpenter and a plumber, not a photographer. Please let me know what you think.


West Chester Recreation Room

Front Porch at my house

Service and Repair one of the boilers at my house

Masonry Repairs on the Chimney, Stone Pointing, and Stucco Repair at my house

A New Home that my best friend and I built out in Collegeville

Some of the Exterior Painting I have done at my house

Wood Lath Plaster Repairs on a job out in Warminster

Rough-in Plumbing for a Restaurant on Wyoming Ave

A Landlords Nightmare - This is what tenants do to your property - My Pacific Heights

Slate Roof Repairs on my house

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