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Bathroom Remodeling Books
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Bathroom Remodeling Books

*All-new edition features design, materials, and storage ideas to remodel or add a great bathroom.   *New bathroom organizer section shows how to maximize storage space.   *Advice on selecting the best hardworking surfaces for floors, countertops, walls, and cabinets.   *Up-to-date information onchoosing plumbing fixtures, lighting, hardware, and more.   *Inspiring photos and detailed advice help homeowners create the best plans and make stylish choices. In these tough economic times, more and more people are downsizing their living spaces to smaller, more functional homes. But as typical living quarters become smaller, it doesn't mean that those dwelling in smaller digs need to sacrifice style along with space.   Small Bath Solutions is packed with example bathrooms, galleries of ideas, and tons of projects for readers to bring a big punch to even the smallest bathroom.   *Includes before-and-after photos and design plans   *Helpful advice from professional designers   *Projects showcase a variety of styles, from traditional to cottage to contemporary   *Packed with tips and tricks from the pros for designing small bathrooms that really work, this idea book is perfect for DIYers of any skill level. *Offers more than 180 pages of high-end trends and bathroom elements—more than the competition.   *Features “room tour” presentation of 30 luxury bathrooms, showing each room from several angles along with numerous details; the competition shows only one or two shots of each bathroom.   *Organized by style rather than by feature or element so readers can “shop” photos for complete looks and understand how to pull the elements together. *Includes a gallery of the latest bathroom products, fixtures, and design trends to demonstrate a variety of amazing bathroom designs.   *Contains a special cost guide with pictures of good, better, and best materials to use to achieve the most sought-after bathroom while staying on budget.   *Features unique sections that demonstrate how to avoid costly mistakes by checking local building codes and choosing low-maintenance materials.   *Has a new, larger format; heavier, glossier paper; and more pages than any previous edition.   *Includes expert tips from nationally renowned bathroom designers to bring to life elegant, inviting baths. A step-by-step bathroom overhaul-with both ideas and hands-on help. From concept to completion, this guide can help anyone design, plan, and execute the remodeling of a bathroom. Written in the series' Illustrated format, the book combines text with more than 300 photos and illustrations to give readers ideas for how to transform their tired bathrooms into the spas of their dreams.
*How-to for installing new countertops, cabinets, showers, lights, flooring, and more.   *Do-it-yourselfers’ answers to plumbing, wiring, carpentry, and tiling questions.   *Step-by-step photos, pre-start checklists, and precise instructions.   *Common remodeling issues plus extra information addresses unusual situations.   *Information on techniques, tools, and materials to achieve professional results.   *Advice to equip novices and experts with confidence to select and install materials.   *Stanley’s Pro Tips warn of pitfalls and offer shortcuts for success. This latest revision of our best-selling bathroom remodeling book features practical, achievable bathroom improvements and upgrades shown with clear color step-by-step photos. This comprehensive book and its hardworking DVD companion cover all the basics of bathroom design and remodeling and includes a gallery of inspirational bathrooms that are sure to provide excitement and ideas. But at the heart of this Black & Decker guide are the well-chosen projects that are featured in full detail. From replacing surfaces and fixtures to installing plumbing and making easy decorative improvements, The Complete Guide to Bathrooms, Third Edition shows you how to save thousands of dollars by doing the job yourself. The Home Depot - Baths - Designs For Living *A variety of bathroom layouts demonstrate concepts of style and function.   *An entire chapter explaining what to look for when buying everything from flooring to fixtures ensures the reader makes informed purchases.   *Explains the basics of design and planning for beginners or more experienced do-it-yourselfers.   *A real-world installation project covers the entire process. We're a nation of countless bathrooms that are on the brink of being torn apart, redesigned, and remodeled. Bathrooms are big! They've gone from being a convenience to a luxury. Welcome to Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies, where you'll discover how to transform your bathroom from blah to beautiful and inefficient to well-designed.    Remodeling a bathroom is a challenge – it's action-oriented and requires extra energy and stamina. But you, undoubtedly, realize it's a challenge you want to take on. This guide can help if you.   Bathroom Remodeling For Dummies is organized to provide lots of useful information that is easily accessible. You'll uncover tips about:   *Making the most of space in your bathroom   *Taking control and planning the project   *Finding fabulous fixtures, vanities, and faucets   *Decorating the walls, windows, and more   *Creating storage space
All the latest ideas on design and materials, along with essential remodeling advice from professional bathroom designers, so that you can create a uniquely livable room.   Expert designers: Experienced design and building professionals guide you in getting the bathroom you want on a budget you can afford.   Real-world solutions: Pro-designed baths show the best ways to pull all the elements together to create a cohesive, comfortable space.   At a glance: Clear, concise charts make it easy to choose materials and fixtures based on appearance, durability, ease of installation, and price.   Go green: The latest information on green materials, water and energy conservation, and safety issues.   Bathrooms: A Sunset Design Guide gives you everything you need to create a space design for both form and function. Bathroom remodels of every size and shape continue to be popular renovation projects. One, because they can truly enhance a home’s appeal. And two, because they can be done on any budget. Now, with a fresh design and expanded, up-to-date content, the newest edition of the best-selling Bathroom Remodeling is a must-have for pros and passionate amateurs. Written by builders from all over the country, including some of Taunton’s most well-respected authors, the articles showcased here were originally published in Fine Homebuilding magazine. Expert guidance covers all the components of a bathroom renovation: design, tiling, lighting, heating, and ventilation. Transforming a bathroom from boring to beautiful is easy with Country Living's help. Every splendid color photograph presents an attractive option, from decorating a fun kids' bathroom to fashioning a luxurious spa right at home. There's no need to begin from the ground up to create a space that meets your needs: you'll find winning ideas to adapt, detailed makeover plans to follow, and simple projects to make. The many looks to choose from include clean, attractive white-on-white, vintage chic, and soothing spaces, filled with soft colors and textures. See how to design and decorate a very small bathroom or one used by two or more people. There are inventive ways to add splashes of color or the warmth of wood, to organize and accessorize, and to adorn wall surfaces creatively.   Get the bath you've always wanted at a price you can afford, with help from the most trusted name in home improvement.   What's inside:   *Before and After Pictures - Dozens of real-world remodels offer creative solutions to common bath-design challenges.   *Layouts That Work - Detailed floor plans show how to arrange even the most awkward space for maximum comfort and functionality.   *All the Right Details - Find the materials, fixtures, and accessories to create the look you want, from vintage revivals to contemporary spa-like spaces.   *Inspiring Photo Galleries - More than a hundred photos of finished rooms will help you get started, including his-and-hers baths, kids' baths, family baths, and relaxing retreats.   *Great Pro Advice - This Old House's experts share design tips and great takeaway ideas that you can make your own, no matter the size of your bath or your budget. An illustrated showcase of the latest innovations in bathroom design.   From oversize stone bathtubs with cascading waterfall faucets to steam rooms and saunas with "smart toilets," Luxury Bathrooms presents the latest in bathroom design. Featuring detailed information for each of the designs, including easy-to-follow floor plans and specifics on the materials and brand names used, this book is a must-have for homeowners and architects alike, providing all the information needed to create a dream bathroom.


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