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Keith G Bleil

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I started my business as Handyman's Workshop doing Home Repair and Building Maintenance in 1986. Now I am a Registered Master Plumber specializing in Plumbing, Heating, Drain Cleaning, and Water Damage Repair.

My career started in junior year in high school with Electronic Communications/radio & television repair. Senior year I had Carpentry and construction and my first construction job in 1978 was as the builders assistant building new homes in Richboro, Bucks County. I learned something about every building trade in that position.

After being laid off in December of 1979, I started a new job in the Building Maintenance and Property Management Industry. I was promoted to Maintenance Manager in 1982 and took care of 780 apartments until 1986 when I was laid off again and decided to start my own business.

As a result of working in the Building Maintenance field I found that most of the problems in most buildings are a result of some sort of water damage. I became an expert at making water damage repairs. Working in the Building Maintenance industry allowed me the opportunity to learn all forms of Building Restoration (Fire, Storm, Flood).

The reason I went for my journeyman plumber's license was because most of the damage in most buildings is from water. I first learned how to repair the water damage. Then I learned how to repair the plumbing. Then I learned some tricks on how to prevent the damage in the first place.

I never worked under a master plumber, master carpenter, or any master of any type of building trade. Other than the Carpentry class in High School, I learned everything I know about plumbing and building restoration on the job and in the school of hard knocks. I passed the Journeyman Plumbers exam in December of 1985 with scores in both portions of the exam around 85. I passed the Master Plumbers exam in December of 2000 with scores again around 85 for both portions of the exam.

I am a Certified Backflow Prevention Device Technician, an EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm, an EPA Lead Safe Renovate, Repair, and Painting Contractor, and an EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician.

I started this business in 1986 as a service to the Property Management Industry making apartments and rental homes ready to rent or sell. I still do apartment preparation and water damage repair in addition to Plumbing, Heating, Drain Cleaning, and Video Drain Inspection.

With my Carpentry & Construction experience, Plumbing experience, and Building Restoration experience, I can repair or replace almost anything. How may I help you?

Company Information

Sole Proprietorship
Keith G. Bleil
Bleil - Plumbing & Home Repair
Business Start Date
Registered Master Plumber #4475
Certified Backflow Prevention Device Technician
EPA Certified Lead Safe Renovator
EPA Certified Lead Dust Sampling Technician

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Postal address
1325 Arrott Street
        Philadelphia, PA 19124
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